Wildomar Ice Delivery Service

Wildomar Event Ice


When you need party ice delivered, wedding ice delivered or sporting event ice delivered and you need ice in Wildomar, simply call the Ice Taxi. At the Ice Taxi, ice delivery in Wildomar and its surrounding areas is all we do. Whether you need cubed ice, crushed ice or block ice, we’re the one company to call for all your party ice needs.

Many people fail to consider the difficulty of getting ice in Wildomar when planning their event, but later discover how difficult picking up, transporting and delivering ice in Wildomar can be. After all loading and unloading 200 pounds or more of cubed ice, crushed ice or block ice can be a back breaking process, especially when it has to be done the day of your event, because as everyone knows, ice is heavy … difficult to store … and it melts!

Interestingly, most people who need ice in Wildomar have difficulty even calculating how much cubed ice, crushed ice or block ice they’ll even need, so they frequently find themselves having to make multiple trips to the store … sometimes even during their event.

If you need ice in Wildomar for and party need, why not consider having your ice delivered. We’ll even help calculate how much cubed ice, crushed ice or block ice you’ll need. After all, at the Ice Taxi, that’s all we do.

So, for ice delivery in Wildomar, we urge you to call the Ice Taxi. We’re your ice delivery in Wildomar solution and we’re only a simple call or click away.

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