Wedding Ice Delivery Service

Wedding Ice


Weddings are such a festive occasion, yet anyone who has ever planned or catered a wedding knows how stressful a wedding event can be. There are so many things to consider, so many aspects to plan … the food … the music … the beverages … the Ice! That’s right … the Ice!

Here at the Ice Taxi, we can’t tell you how many frantic calls we received from families who failed to consider how much wedding ice they needed for their event, or how to get it. Obviously, they never considered an ice delivery service, because they probably didn’t even know the Ice Taxi existed.

Whether you need cubed ice, crushed ice or block ice, why not make the Ice Taxi your wedding ice delivery service? After all, it’s fast, it’s easy and we’ll deliver all the wedding ice you need for surprisingly less than you might think. Why worry about wedding ice delivery? With the Ice Taxi, getting the wedding ice you need is one less problem you need to think about.

With just a simple call or click of your mouse, the Ice Taxi will help calculate how much wedding ice you need. Whether you need cubed ice, crushed ice or block ice, we’ll determine the proper mix of our products to meet all your wedding ice needs and then provide your wedding ice delivery directly to your door. No stress … no hassle … with the Ice Taxi, there’s no problem!

Planning a wedding? Don’t forget the ice! Last minute wedding ice needs? No problem! So when you need wedding ice delivery, whether it be cubed ice, crushed ice or block ice, we hope you’ll call the Ice Taxi, we’re only a call or simple click away.

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